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At PIAGGIO & FIGLI SERVICE S.r.l., we see Diagnostics as a tool to analyze, check and ensure the functionality of all the components related to motors and/or electric generators.

Inspections, checks, and diagnostic electrical tests can be used as tools to perform the following: 

  • Checks and analyses for specific purposes (activation, troubleshooting, and so on) 
  • Periodic monitoring and prognostic analyses of machines

In particular, monitoring machines periodically and performing the related prognostic analyses allows us to predict the development of their deterioration over time. This allows us to schedule maintenance based on our assessment of the actual conditions of the machines (condition-based or prognostic-based) and not on how long the machines have been in use (time-based). 

The main advantages of our diagnostics program, which can be carried out either on our premises or on the client's premises, are the following:

  • Improved reliability of the energy production and/or management system
  • Reduced replacement costs
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Increased maintainability
  • Better performance

All our technicians are trained and certified to provide specialized knowledge and analyze situations in order to, where appropriate, propose solutions leading to a rapid adaptation of the client's system to normal operating conditions.

Thanks to specialized hardware and dedicated software packages, Piaggio & Figli Service can perform all the necessary diagnostic, control and prognostic tests to check performance and compare the outcomes with OEM specifications.

The considerable experience we have gained in this sector and the specific equipment at our disposal allow us to perform, among others, the following tests on site:

  • Video endoscopy
  • Offline partial discharge testing 
  • ELCID testing
  • TANGEN DELTA testing
  • Dynamic impedance
  • Reflectometry  
  • Vibration detection 
  • Dynamic balancing   
  • Noise detection