P&FS service technicians, all trained and certified in the latest repair and maintenance practice systems, in addition to the most  up - to - date equipment and machinery can provide a full range of workshop services to ensure the reliability of our Customer’s equipment and maintain them in peak performance.

Our maintenance and repair services cover the broad spectrum of the entire energy field and our primary goal is to reduce costly downtime.


Our customized bundle of maintenance and repair service is available both on the Customer’s site and on the P&FS premises. Our offer is always tailored to the Customer’s needs and can be utilized either on demand or in multi-year service level agreements.


It is important to bear in mind the immediate benefits that our advanced and cost effective service and solutions offer:


  • • Short implementation and replacement times
  • • Minimum service interruptions
  • • Extension of working life
  • • Increased system availability
  • • Improved operator protection
  • • Reduction in hidden and unexpected maintenance costs
  • • Warranty on repaired equipment


Our world class facilities enable us to give evidence that the equipment under maintenance or repair meet the original producer requirements and reduce reinstallation and recommissioning time spent on site; please refer to our  “Statement of Conformity“.


Full load, no load, heat run, protection, vibrations and noise tests will be performed in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (I.E.C.) standards including the most stringent ones for the oil and gas industries.


We can easily perform back - to - back and full load testing at variable speed with a drive system complete with a transformer, frequency converter and motor.


Thanks to the achieved results and to our Customer satisfaction, we can guarantee that our maintenance and repair management, can significantly increase your production effectiveness. Furthermore as a consequence of our cooperation your improved plant performance will ensure the highest value for your investment.

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