Piaggio & Figli Service have signed an agreement of technical and commercial Partnership with STEG INTERNATIONAL of Tunis ( www.steg-is.com.tn) . The combination of shared multi-decennial experiences of the Partners in the field of the repair and maintenance of Power Plant is the main goal of the Partnership.

The Partnership, which operates already, foresees shared activities of global service on rotating machines of Industrial Plant and Power Plant in Tunisia and abroad.

STEG INTERNATIONAL is a subsidiary of Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas “STEG “ the State Owned Company in charge for the management of Electricity and Gas engaged since more than 50 years in the field of design, realization, maintenance and exercise of Plants od production, transport and distribution of both Electricity and Gas.     




“TMEIC (Toshiba Mitsubishi Industrial System Corporation, www.tmeic.com) Japan has signed an agreement with Piaggio & Figli Service based on which the Italia Company is appointed by the Japanese Company nonexclusive Entity in charge for services of repair and maintenance of its motors and synchronous generator up to 100 MW.

The Territories where Piaggio & Figli will be called to operate include many European Countries   (including Italy), Africa and Middle East “.

La società si è valsa per le attività di innovazione tecnologica e commerciale di un cofinanziamento (decisione filse n. 188 del 13.11.12) por - fesr regione liguria 2007 - 2013, azione 1.2.3 “innovazione”.

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